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Engagement Campaign

Journeys Beyond the Cosmodrome presents a group of teenagers utilizing imagination as preparatory device for facing the unknown. The film serves as a liaison between various social organizations whose missions are to support children and families, and musical communities who compose and sing as a healing practice.


Social Organizations

In collaboration with the Los Altos organization Help One Child, Journeys Beyond the Cosmodrome will be presented internationally in workshops and small screenings for families and organizations who work with children from disrupted families.  Help One Child and Journeys believe there is no systematic, blanket, or overall policy strategy that can address the myriad of complex challenges faced by these children and their families. Rather, each child and family is a unique constellation whose challenges must be addressed on an individual basis.  Through screenings, workshops, and discussion, the film will instigate a bridge between the creative potential of each child and the possibility of healing. The question of the relative benefits of institutional or foster care for children is an inherent element of the film. The film will be a departure point for the on-going consideration of the most beneficial care for each child.

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