Scene from Journeys Beyond the Cosmodrome featuring "Shine," written and sung by Kri Schlafer.  


Journeys Beyond the Cosmodrome features an original score composed, written, and performed by Portland Threshold Choir Director, Kri Schlafer. The lyrics draw directly from the written language of the teenagers, with occasional paraphrasing and additions included for emphasis. The Threshold Choir is a growing international community of choirs who are on-call to sing with, and for, those embarking on significant life changes, ranging from birth to death and all thresholds in between.  There are over 200 chapters internationally. A fifteen minute version of the film is available with a score that is sung live by members of the choir.  Choirs around the country will be available to sing in conjunction with the full-length film.  By bringing the choral voices of the film into the physical space of a screening room, a bridge is built between film viewers and the teens’ imaginations.

CD's of the Journeys original score can be purchased for $10. Kindly contact Jeanne Finley directly for more information.

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